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Welcome to AVETMISS NOW! The software saving RTOs.

AVETMISS NOW! will offer a FREE upgrade supporting USI legislation by 24th Oct 2014.  

The Student Identifiers Act 2014 was proclaimed on 27 June 2014. Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane announced its passage through the Senate in a Media Release on 20 June 2014. Passage of the legislation confirms the 1 January 2015 commencement date for the USI scheme. This creates certainty for the sector and signals the need for training providers to complete preparations for the start of the scheme. The USI system will be available for students and training providers to create and collect USIs from October 2014. For most training providers incorporating the USI into student management systems will be the easiest way to collect, verify and create USIs.

AVETMISS NOW! the only software in Australia that allows you to demonstrate instant satisfaction of the standards to an Auditor.

AVETMISS NOW! (the software built from compliance audits backwards) is THE most adaptable cost effective system in the country for data retention and customised NAT file reporting. No other system compares. You receive electronic delivery of your new customised system. We provide a TAX Invoice.

If coming as a new customer with compliant AVETMISS 7.0 files, not only will our system import them free of charge, you attain the discounted price of $995 +GST (which includes our special 20% off so hurry!). If not the once off payment is $1295 + GST. On receipt of purchase or upgrade from another vendor we give you this offer.

Only ONE payment, no software fees. The system is self managed adhering to your demonstration of legislative requirements! You maintain control of your data. The system empowers you to adapt to data acquisition changes to assist you in compliance with data timeframes. It's your data, when you want it, NOW! Don't give your data to your competitors! With AVETMISS NOW! we have made it so simple to use and grow with.

STOP PAYING LICENCE FEES. It is too much reliance on a third party. In the Act(s) resources have to be internally in compliance with the standards whose data is constantly changing and may be discretionary during an audit. How could any third-party (especially hosted) provider make you comply to such a request to modify or reproduce data on site (24/7) at a spot audit? Result: Non-compliance, they cannot.

We do NOT charge ANY ongoing licence fees. Those that do are protecting themselves and no other. Licence fees do not (in our opinion) train the CEO to understand the RTOs data requirements. Apart from any errors (to be proven by the form below) we are not allowed to advise you on data or be your IT department (See SNRs). We would like to tell you the truth about AVETMISS 7 and government 'error', as nobody seems to want to admit it.

Why was ASQA created? That is very simple question yet a lot of people don't know the underlying facts. It was designed for the same reason AVETMISS 7.0 and its underlying legislation was created. TO AVOID STATE & NATIONAL INCONSISTENCY. In our opinion (team of auditors/industry experts and advisors) we believe they failed - at who's risk "YOURS".

We make no further comment other than to note the following: You as an RTO are bound by an Act of Legislation to follow NCVER Nationally Consistent Data Definitions and formats. You are also required to adhere to your state. What if the standards were different? What if the data formats were different, what if you did distance education and had students from multiple states and did funding and non funding? What if QLD did not abide by the regulatory rule of the TOID being a ten character alpha-numeric field matching the TOID on the TGA. That's the standard, but guess what? It is numeric, has 2 leading zeroes, and has nothing to do with the TOID. What if you are reporting to other states? How can this be a relational database that holds the consistent key between shared clients in different states when one place you report to expects one thing, the other expects something else? This is just one out of about 7 inconsistencies we have pointed out to the NCVER and ASQA.

Their position has been essentially no response. We have worked extremely hard to satisfy every combination whilst saving you the most time. Could this be why the Minister of Industry Mr. Ian Macfarlane has ordered a task force to deal with issues and complaints about ASQA? Could this be why everybody seemed to be getting rejected data when they are under obligation of an Act of parliament that does not allow changing of "before the line" fields, but the states do it anyway.

What a mess. Now it is constantly under review and the sole reason why our software (in our opinion) is the best. Your can comply with any authority. Don't have to pay for support, because we cannot support a moving system that your are obliged to abide to. Please read closely the Data Provisions Instrument which is now part of the VET Quality Framework and take a look. Our system can be installed on as many PC's as you like with as many databases satisfying as many contracts/states/inconsistencies there is. We offer data support for a fee only, because RTOs have to ensure where the responsibility lies, otherwise simply face the possibility to fail an audit. So pay once, never again - is the way we stand and we open the door to the entire data and questions and exporting engine which is yours and will ever be changing.

If your provider offers more and makes you feel at ease, to satisfy any combination of reporting activity and charges you a support fee for it, it is because the feature doesn't exist potentially - so what are you really paying for? You could be paying for their time to complete work that has not yet been done, or to fix their bugs only! If you think by showing an invoice of an AVETMISS system and an email address or a phone number is enough to pass on the responsibility of the CEO, think again. Our system makes you confident because apart from us doing the hard work and creating the main templates you are knowledge with the fact the you essentially created a system yourself that you can change with a seconds noticed. We gain point you to the Act and the responsibility of the provider when you are facing potentially civil or criminal repercussions.

Why we believe you must transfer to avoid failing audits. We proved it under the Act. No other provider competes that we know of as close to the Act SNR's and AQTF.

AVETMISS NOW will import all your compliant AVETMISS 7.0 records for a state into a license on our software for FREE if you choose to changeover now (limited time only). You will also get 20% off, until the normal price kicks in. IT IS VITAL (and please do your research) that you MUST change over or risk failing an audit.

In response to our viable claims in our marketing: You are advised to obtain your own legal advice and read every word of this website. Furthermore, it is your obligation to know the Acts and we are pointing you to them. Regardless of which AVETMISS provider you choose we felt it necessary to inform you.


We want to tell you what you need to know and what the competitors are not telling you. The million dollar question is: Do you want to pass your audits, or do you think that the Student Management System will pass them for you?

The Data Provision Requirements outline the requirements for applicants and registered training organisations (RTOs) to capture and provide data to ASQA. The data required relates to registration and performance information, including quality indicator data and information derived from the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management of Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS).

The AVETMISS national data standard is the standard for VET providers operating in Australia that ensures consistent and accurate capture of VET information about students, their courses, units of activity and the qualifications reported. AVETMISS is the mechanism for national reporting in the VET system. The Data Provision Requirements require relevant applicants and RTOs to show that they have adequate systems to capture and report on this data against the agreed quality indicators and the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy. The Data Provision Requirements are a legislative instrument made by the Federal Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations under subsection 187(1) of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.

Now with --- Future Proof Protection ---. This software puts you in control of your student records and any "not for publication" RTO information. You decide the way that you want to build your Student Database NAT files to suit both you and your regulator's specific needs. You will never have to download updates or pay ongoing fees to anyone EVER again. Your AVETMISS NOW has the answer to all of ever-changing NAT file concerns. It can be networked or kept on one computer - your choice. But only one person can make changes to information at a time to prevent errors. AVETMISS NOW meets the reporting requirements (provided you understand your legislative requirements) for every state in Australia (and can prove this by using test mode and your correct data) built to help you commit to your legislative changes.

Why is our system so much better?
Our system comes pre-configured to today's VET Provider Collection and NAT reporting etc. The examples are intended to spark your creativity as we have developed a very simple user friendly "AI" allowing you to make your own internal and regulatory NAT changes, to abide by your funding rules and stay in control of your legislative requirements.

Why we believe our software is the only compliant AVETMISS software in the country?
It is our belief after looking at the SNR's, new AQTF Standards and being in the industry collectively with a team of auditors, ex-regulator staff and data analysts that there seems to be a contradictory difference between what you need to demonstrate at audit (which can happen at any time) and the ability to understand and adapt the data at a moments notice, between our software and others.

We do not in an way intend to give legal advice, but we suggest you attain legal advice in relation to the following factors:
How can you demonstrate compliance on the spot if someone else is hosting or controlling both your data and cannot change a system just for you within a couple of minutes?
How can you demonstrate your understanding of contractual rules and provisions if you do not have any knowledge or capacity to access them dynamically and change them on the fly. Remember an audit can happen at any time with or without notice. If you read the Data Provisions legal instrument are you willing to put your civil and criminal liability in the hands of a third party (potentially a competitor)?

Our system teaches you to modify, create, adapt and comply with future and current changes. You can even add your own data collection formats, questions and NAT file positions on the fly within seconds. 

The states/ASQA failed to be nationally consistent. We proved it. In contact with our CEO, the Minister admits to creating a task-force.

AVETMISS NOW! caters for these inconsistencies, that haven't been thought through well enough. AVETMISS NOW! gives you back the power to satisfy both state and National Requirements (of course attain legal advice), and we give you the tool to do it. Remember, we will offer a FREE upgrade supporting USI legislation by 24th Oct 2014.

  • DYNAMIC NAT REPORTING anywhere, anytime and adaptable via a template to meet your conditions of registration responsiveness requirements.
    You own the data, you need the data, you are required by law to keep the data. Why risk it with anyone else?

    This software is not just about compliance. It is a student management system with an open dynamic exporting facility. You can edit and make your own corporation's version of NAT files for any purpose.

    Our software is designed by auditors sand industry experts. A software package receipt does not pass audit. Our software makes it easy for you to understand exactly where everything fits in and the rules you need to know which you need control of to be compliant. Run as many version as you like with one license - and no extra fees - all in-house, the way it should be. Why be restricted to hefty multi-user licensing fees or fees to accommodate for different contracts or PC's. We do not lock down a software to any PC. It's yours, it's dynamic, use it how you wish.

    Also some very valued and useful information to all RTO's who received the update from ASQA regarding the policy of auditors not allowing you to record audits as written by way of email from ASQA not so long ago. You are encouraged to seek your own legal advice on this matter. What we can tell you is we wrote to ASQA asking them to correct the article and not deceive the RTOs, as it is the impression that if the auditor abandons or refuses to perform their statutory duty due to this then it seems that the RTO may be in a detrimental situation even if they may have followed the law. you may be detrimental.

    Unfortunately they neglected to mention that in at least 3 states it is perfectly legal to record any conversation of which you are a party of whether or not the other party concedes. The question is usually whether the information can be admitted as evidence and that is a question for a member of a tribunal or a court. ASQA first denied our thoughts on this matter - not being 100% true, and once shown the Victorian legislation, they merely turned a blind eye. That is why we encourage RTOs to get their own legal advice regarding audits.

    Would you put your business, staff, contractors and personal record in the hands of a third party in this new challenging legislatively powerful environment? Think about it.
    We have really simplified things to make it so much easier. The first stage is providing us with your exact RTO number from the website and the exact CEO or head contact email address.

    Then we proceed to payment and send the details relating to these two items. No more is there stringent licensing rules. It is multI-user. Install and share it with as many people as you wish. Licencing is generated per state, so please ensure you enter the correct state in the dropdown box when you order.
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Where do I go for data, validation, contract, regulator requirements, funding or non-software enquiries?

ASQA Info Line 1300 701 801 Contact form on website
NCVER Info Line 1800 649 452 Contact form on website
LEGAL HELP Legal Aid in your State - -
NSW General Enquiries 02 9561 8000
SA Kathy Hancock 08 8226 3424
VIC - 1300 842 754
TAS - 1800 655 846
QLD General Enquiries 07 3237 1676
NT - 08 8935 7715
WA - 08 6551 5281
ACT Steve Alston 02 6205 7057
VIC VSN VSN Team 1800 822 635

Software does not pass audits according to ASQA, you do. We help create a compliant 'YOU'.

It is the capacity to adapt, cooperate, produce, create and understand your legislation.

Three must-do's!

  • Obtain Legal Advice
    Read the Acts/DPRs
    Transfer to us!

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